Digital Content Marketing

Digital communication – e-newsletters, email blasts, blogs, podcasts, videos, websites – is by far the most common way organizations communicate with their audiences. Continuing to develop fresh content is key to engaging audiences and influencing SEO. Whether in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, interviews with experts, infographics or blog posts, CSG creates content that engages audiences.

Media/Blogger Relations

Buying media time is easy; earning media and blogger attention requires newsworthy, relevant and unique ideas to help you stand out among the crowd. We listen to your story, create news hooks to garner media interest, connect with reporters, producers and bloggers and get your story placed in top tier outlets and influential blogs. Case Studies: The Molecularium Project / 88 Brand Partners

Social Media

Depending on your target audiences, we identify the most appropriate social vehicle and develop a strategy to engage current audiences and connect with new ones.

Case Studies: Rosecrance

Strategic Partnerships

Often the most effective way to reach an audience is through their membership organization or professional society. Identifying influencers and establishing relationships with potential partners adds a new dimension to audience reach.

Case Studies: The Molecularium Project / NorthShore University HealthSystem

Market Research

Whether you need to better understand the perceptions your audiences have about your organization or you want to dig deeper and obtain specific feedback on a service that will help determine your future strategy, the CSG team will work with you to better understand what your audiences think and feel. Through online surveys, interviews with target audiences and focus groups, the CSG team obtains the critical insights you need to develop a smart strategy.

Brand Management

Whether clients look to us to research if a brand revamp is needed, introduce a new brand, or to re-engage their audience with a brand refresh, we’ll take you through our discovery process to help define your brand. We’ll identify the reflections of your brand, and communicate them to target audiences.

Case Studies: The American Veterinary Medical Association / Moose International

Member Engagement

Whether you are working with association stakeholders, employees or a board of directors, your “members” are imperative to your sustainability. We develop specific communications plans and messaging to increase member engagement. We’ll help you define an engaged member (responds to direct requests, attends more conferences, opens direct mail, etc.) and design and implement a strategy to elevate that engagement.

Case Studies: Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine

Relationship Management

Our relationship management team takes communication to the next level, understanding the intricacies of relationship building. Moving your constituents along the continuum of awareness, to understanding, to action takes time, effort and a lot of trust. We work with you to identify and prioritize your audiences and develop a relationship management process to drive engagement. Whether you are an association with the increasing challenge of engaging membership or a dental practice striving to reach referral sources, connecting with your audiences through in person meetings, intimate gatherings and by phone can further develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with key constituents.

Issues Management/Crisis Communications

Our issues management and crisis communication services run the gamut from advising communications efforts surrounding a specific issue and implementing a plan for preventing a crisis to creating and managing a comprehensive crisis communication. Our team’s experience with managing high profile crisis situations for national associations to local nonprofits provides us with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a variety of crisis situations and ensure your organization takes the required steps to manage the recovery process.

Spokesperson Training

A good spokesperson will react. A great spokesperson will lead. Let us hold your next media training for one or more of your company’s spokespeople, and you’ll immediately see the difference proper training can make.

Our “hands-on,” intensive training sessions will help us finalize our recommendations for your organization’s spokesperson to address a variety of opportunities calling for “expert” media commentary.

Participants will leave each session having learned to:

• Understand the news process and how to meet reporters’ needs

• Apply their rights and responsibilities as a spokesperson

• Deliver effective messages

• Employ skills to control print and broadcast interviews

And now a word from our client...

"The Alliance engaged CSG to assess infrastructure and approach in preparation for launching an unprecedented communications strategy. We liked their assessment so much we asked them to help us build the strategy! CSG’s excellent listening skills, careful use of resources, mastery of political quagmires, and unfailing optimism have taken the Alliance forward by leaps and bounds in the course of a single year. From the concrete – a newly renovated and modernized website – to the ephemeral – a brand identity and message – their work consistently reflects their dedication to quality and the best interests of the client. The Alliance looks forward to continuing to engage its members, share its resources, and build its brand with the help of CSG."

– Sheila T. Costa
Director of Special Projects
Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine