Beth Strohbusch, Account Executive

A bit about me
I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin and earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I enjoyed the opportunity to have a marketing position in a hospital then moving to medical software and, from there, web software. I had an opportunity to spend a year working in Germany, then moved into my own business working with various types of clients including those in healthcare provider and IT environments. I've enjoyed my role with Communication Strategies Group and have very much respect for my colleagues here. 

What I’m passionate about at work
I enjoy the challenge of learning as much as I can about a company, a project, a person, etc. - and then challenging myself to develop creative, accurate communications to tell a story, motivate someone to learn more, elicit action, etc. I like delving into the worlds of my clients and appreciate reward of helping clients achieve results. 

A favorite memory at CSG
My favorite memory would have to be when I secured several articles for a soon-to-launch master's program in biomedical informatics, including placements in two leading industry trade publications, Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Informatics.

My favorite things to do outside of work
I love the outdoors - biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, gardening. I enjoy sharing time with family and friends, dining out, theater, live music, dancing, etc.  I enjoy giving my time to others and serve as a volunteer for various activities and organizations including Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, Historic Milwaukee and the Journey House, a highly successful and respected community development center.

A quote that inspires me
"I seek to find peace, know peace and be peace."  -  Anonymous